"A New Set of Cosmological and Philosophical Concepts to Guide Your Life"
- Michael A. Cremo
IN SEARCH OF TRUTH AND FREEDOM; A Path from Ignorance to Awareness
Avila Books, Price: $26.95 
Hardcover 6x9, 288 pages
Illustrated, bibliography, index
ISBN 0-9677453-2-2

Is truth absolute or relative? Is freedom won on the battle field or by personal effort? Is happiness a state of mind? Is spirit the result or the source of life? Can creational and evolutionary theories be reconciled? Do evil spirits exist? Is the big bang theory of creation the most realistic cosmology? Was Einstein right? Does the wave-particle duality of light make sense? Did human life originate on Earth?

Gain a new perspective by searching for meaning in life and for answers to the mysteries of existence. Let this new title guide your quest.

"In Search of Truth and Freedom is a highly personal account of a bold and courageous quest for answers to life's ultimate questions" - Michael Cremo, coauthor of 'Forbidden Archeology.'
Many of today's men and women are disenchanted with the narrow, diverging views of reality painted by Western science and by religious doctrine.  They are searching for value and meaning in their lives, looking for answers they cannot get from traditional sources.

The book forges a bridge between hard science and spiritual truth by blazing a trail beyond religious, scientific and social beliefs.  It is dedicated to all those who want to take responsibility for their lives, who search for validation of their spiritual existence and who earnestly seek truth, wisdom and freedom.  In this book, the author looks at life and reality from the perspective of a philosopher and a scientist who refuses to ignore controversial evidence.  In relating his personal experiences and thoughts, he shares new insights about reality and the purpose of life.

"This is a comprehensive writing about existence in the larger sense and the equally important issue of humanity's purpose in it" - Robert Maynard Lantis, Laser Engineer
In this book you will read about:

* Humanity's cosmic connections
* The meaning and purpose of life
* Evidence for a living, evolving omniverse
* The mysteries of existence
* The difference between gods and the Spirit of Creation
* How biblical creationists and Darwinian evolutionists are both wrong
* The relationship between spirit, mind and brain
* A new cosmology
* The solution of the wave/particle paradox
* Life as an opportunity for spiritual growth
* How to conquer fear and gain personal power
* How to win freedom through personal effort
* The liberating power of forgiving and letting go

Dietmar Rothe holds a B.Eng. degree in Engineering Physics from McMaster University and M.A.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Applied Science from the University of Toronto.

As a respected professional, he has published extensively in the peer reviewed scientific literature and is well qualified to critique the prevailing science and philosophy of the twentieth century.

The philosophical views expressed in this book reflect his deep appreciation of the beauty, perfection and mystery in the natural world.  He recognizes spirit as the primary force in a living omniverse.  He sees physical reality as an opportunity for spiritual growth, which he considers our purpose in life.  He provides valuable insights into what aspects of our personality aid our spiritual progress and what traits are keeping us in bondage.