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Dietmar Rothe, Ph.D.

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!
Thank you for visiting this website.  Spiritual wisdom and the responsibilities of life are not the most popular subjects, even though they should be.  Nevertheless, what I have to say to you is perhaps the most important message you hear in a lifetime.

You may ask: What the hell does a scientist know about spiritual teachings?
Let me just summarize my answer by saying that “I have seen the light” and that I have accepted the presence of a spiritual reality underlying the physical world, a reality that rules all observable events.

My own path from ignorance to awareness is detailed in a recently published book with the title: In Search of Truth and Freedom.

According to my viewpoint, which is aligned with the teachings in the TJ, extraterrestrial beings have monitored and guided Earth humanity’s evolution for millions of years.
We need to get beyond discussing mysterious lights in the skies and arguing the pros and cons of UFO reality.  Rather, we need to accept the alien presence and learn to deal with its philosophical impact.  And we need to extract meaning and value from this for our own spiritual growth.

Only ignorant people with an impoverished consciousness will keep asking: “Is there intelligent life out there?” In truth, the entire universe is alive and intelligent, because the infinitely intelligent Creation spirit maintains everything that exists within its consciousness.

“The time will come, when humankind must turn around and become reacquainted with the eternal values of life.” [TJ36:26]

And brothers and sisters, this time is now!

Jmmanuel says in TJ10:44:
“Truly, I have not come to bring peace, but the sword of knowledge about the power of the spirit, which dwells within humans.”

Every one of us has an immortal spirit, which is a fragment of the universal spirit of Creation, and the power of this spirit is nothing less than life.

But why does Jmmanuel talk about the “sword” of knowledge?  –
Because it cuts through the crap and gets down to the everlasting values.  It separates the wheat from the chaff.

I will reveal some of this knowledge today. But remember, in the end, it is not knowledge, but wisdom that is important; the wisdom to apply this knowledge to your life and your spiritual growth.

“There is no eye equal to wisdom, no darkness equal to ignorance, no power equal to the power of the spirit, and no terror equal to the poverty of consciousness.” [TJ26:27]

Before delving deeper into the teachings of Jmmanuel, let me warn you that the eternal truth, as proclaimed by Jmmanuel, may be considered the ultimate heresy by those of you who adhere to carefully nurtured and manipulated religious doctrines.  As a messenger of this heresy, you may view me as an instant enemy or your instant friend, depending on where you are on your own path of evolution.  I want you to get over these feelings right now, so that you are open to what the TJ actually can teach you.  So let me clear the stage:

Jmmanuel, who later became known as Jesus, is not god, and neither of the two created the universe.  And many concepts in Judeo-Christian doctrine are incompatible with Jmmanuel’s teachings:
Foremost among these are the concepts of sin, heaven and hell, along with the related ideas that a person has to be saved by divine grace to get to heaven, and that god, by means of the devil, will punish unrepentant souls in hell.

Truly, you will not be punished for your errors by the spirit of Creation, because Creation is not vindictive. There are only two fundamental sins:
And you have to find your own salvation through conscious effort by taking responsibility for you life.  Keep this in mind for the rest of this presentation.

Creation is the conscious, living spirit that pervades and embraces every part of the cosmos.
It is infinite, because it creates all space.
It is eternal, because it creates time, rather than being subject to time.
It is manifest in every star, galaxy and in every subatomic particle.
It is all-powerful, because it drives all processes throughout the universe.
It is all-knowing, because it is the source of all intelligence.
It is alive, because it is the sum total of all living things.
It can appear in any form, because it creates all form.
It rules the universe, including all conscious life, through its eternal laws.

The cosmos contains all kinds of life forms, including gods, space traveling species and Earth humans.

“God is a human being, like all the celestial sons and the terrestrial humans, except that he is vastly greater in consciousness.” [TJ4:40]

Gods and their space-traveling celestial sons have come here repeatedly in the past to colonize Earth and to accelerate Earth human evolution  –  most recently 12 to 13,000 years ago.

“Behold, god and his followers came from the depths of space ... and created here a new race and home with the early women of Earth.” [TJ1:88]

Michelangelo’s version of god and his followers creating Adam is mostly symbolic, but otherwise accurate, insofar that it depicts god and his celestial sons as fully human figures and arriving from the heavens.

Two space-traveling humans can be found in the background of a painting of the crucifixion, painted in 1350 and kept in a monastery in Kosovo.

Other space beings are shown in cave paintings and petroglyphs dated at 12,000 and 8,000 years ago.

“Their faces shone like the sun, and their eyes looked like burning torches ...
They inhabited an environment of their own, because the air of this Earthly world would have been fatal to them.” [TJ4:24,25]

The space beings depicted on a cave wall in northern Italy are in life-supporting space suits and carry some kind of instrument or weapon. The being in the petroglyph from the Sahara desert is also in a space suit. Disc-shaped craft are visible in the background.
We have no reason to doubt that the stone-age artists encountered and depicted actual space aliens.
By procreating new genetic variations of Earth human species the celestial sons enhanced our gene pool.

"Behold, humans begotten by the celestial sons were different in a unique way ... Their bodies were white as snow and red as the rose blossom ... and their eyes beautiful. The human lineages will now retain their inherited beauty and propagate it further.” [TJ4:28-31]

Heavenly genes are still evident in some of our more beautiful people.

Now that I have your attention, let me get to the more serious parts of the spiritual teachings.
Humans throughout the universe are destined to evolve spiritually over many reincarnations. The Pleiaran teachers of Jmmanuel define seven levels of spiritual development.

Level 1 is concerned with simple survival. Primitive thought patterns and speech develop.
At Level 2, rational thought is cultivated. Societies are established. We have cultural activities and primitive science. Empires rise and vanish.
At Level 3, the first expressions of wisdom lead to intelligent use of knowledge. Technology is used to enhance the enjoyment of human life. We also see the beginnings of space travel here.
Earth human intelligence and spiritual advancement covers a wide range within Levels 2 and 3.
At Level 4, humans are grasping the spiritual nature of reality and begin to utilize their spirit power.
At Level 5, humans have learned to live in peace and harmony with the Laws and Directives of Creation. They are able to distort time and space for intergalactic space travel. This is the level of Jmmanuel’s Pleiaran teachers. Gods come from advanced stages of this level.  JHWH stands for “King of Wisdom.”  Such a god may be assigned to oversee human evolution on an entire planet.
In Level 6, advanced spirit forms have developed enough wisdom and power to be able to evolve further without the need of a physical body.
At Level 7 spiritual beings have become perfect, ending their journey by merging with the spirit of Creation.



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